Residencia de Salvacion: Your home away from home in Caramoan

Travelling has made us experience a lot of things, including that expectations are far from reality for some places. There are some places in Caramoan that are just great to look at in photos but not actually the place that you are looking for on a vacation. But there’s one place that have never failed to astonish everyone, even TripAdvisor. Aside from winning Certificate of Excellence for the past four years from TripAdvisor, Residencia de Salvacion is the place to be!

Caramoan has been known for its scenery. From Residencia de Salvacion, the site of the beach is very cinematic. The smell of rustic sea breeze is very refreshing away from the usual city pollution.

Myrna and Edgar, the owners of Residencia de Salvacion are very accommodating to guests, and it feels like you are visiting a relative in the province. They are your human GPS that will give you instructions and will wait for you to safely arrive.

Aside from the accommodation, food is also awesomely delicious! Residencia de Salvacion serves authentic Bicolano food, most of them are seafood and will definitely fire up your taste buds. Bring your family or friends when you visit! They have tons of rooms to choose from that will suit your needs.